'A' Troop Summer camp 1959


1. l to r David Cook (ducking), Stephen Harston, ?Peter Thomas, ?,
Steven Broomhead (Brush, seated above), ?, ?, Dick Ainsworth, Raymond Pilley, Bill Cook

2. 3-legged race. l to r Raymond Pilley and Malcolm Peter. Can't recognise any others

3.Tug o'War. Raymond Pilley, David Cook, Dick Ainsworth

4. Book-on-Head race (or obstacle leg) - David Cook

5. left with hand in mouth Neil Struthers?, the running figure is I think Peter Arculus (Chemistry teacher)
who always came to A Troop camps (confirmed by Peter Arculus). ?s the rest, perhaps Fred Holland in the trilby style hat on the right

6. General View l to r Stephen Harston, Stephen Broomhead, ? David Ellum, ?s the rest.
Peter Arculus at the top of the knoll (confirmed by Peter Arculus)

7.General View, l to r, ?, Neil Struthers, ?, Brian Edwards, Stephen Harston (standing at back), David Cook,
?Peter Thomas, Dick Ainsworth (check shirt in front), probably Stephen Broomhead looking towards rear,
Fred Holland standing in front in light grey top, rest ?

8.Tug o' War l to r, ?, David Cook, Neil Struthers

A Troop descending the Langdale Pikes 1959 - Photo Philip Hetherington

Senior staff l/r: Mick Kingman, Rex Marsden, Howard Simpson, Ron Treeby.

Photo: Philip Hetherington

David Cook, Feb 2005

Photos sent by David Booth

"A" Troop at the summit of The Old Man of Coniston 1959

Photo: taken by Philip Hetherington

Peter Arculus - Photo Philip Hetherington

A Troop descending Scafell Pike 1959 - Photo Philip Hetherington

Ropeway Ambleside 1959 - Photo Philip Hetherington
(David Booth is wrestling with it)

A Troop Camp Site Ambleside 1959 - Photo Philip Hetherington

David Booth, Canada, Sept 2006