6 Prefects July 1952

D. A. CHARLES. Entered 1944. Lynwood House Captain since Jan., 1951. House Football, Cricket and Athletics Captain. School 1st XI Football 1950-52 (colours). School 1st XI Cricket 1950-52. School Tennis Team 1951. Tennis Secretary, 1951. Treasurer Modern Language Society. Won Herbert Hughes Memorial Prize for Spanish 1950. Prefect June 1950, Head Prefect since Sept., 1951. Gained a place at New College, Oxford, for 1954. R. BUTLER. Entered 1946. Deputy House Captain, Lynwood. School Football 1st XI 1950-52 (colours), School Football Captain 1951-52. Committee member International Discussion Group. Dramatic Society. Won Junior Latin Reading Prize 1948. Sheffield and District Latin Reading Prize 1952. Won Scholarship to Outward Bound Mountain School, 1952. Sub-prefect from March 1951, Prefect from Sept. 1951.
I. H. JONES. Entered 1944 (Junior School). Arundel House Football Captain, Deputy House Captain. School 1st XI Football 1951-52. Sheffield Boys 1948-49. School 1st XI Cricket 1951-52 (colours). School Tennis Team 1951. President of Senior Music Club. School Orchestra. Prefect from Jan. 1951. Deputy Head Prefect from Sept. 1951. Won Senior Latin Reading Prize 1951 and 1952. and Senior Music Composition Prize 1951 and 1952. M. H. THORNTON. Entered 1944. Arundel Captain 1951-52. House Cricket Captain 1951 and 1952. School Cricket 1st XI 1949-5? (colours). School Cricket Captain 1952, School record aggregate 1951. 548 runs. Yorks Public Schools team 1951. School Football 1st XI 1952 (colours). Sheffield Grammar Schools team 1951. School Water Polo team 1952. School Tennis team 1951. Won High Jump 1952. Prefect since Sept. 1951. Gained a place at New College. Oxford, for 1954.
J. A. BENNETT. Entered 1942 (Junior School). Clumber House Captain 1951-52, House Swimming Captain 1949-52. School Swimming team 1948 (colts). 1949 (colours). School Swimming Captain 1952. Sheffield Schools Swimming Colours 1951 (Senior 100 yards championship 1951), Yorkshire Schools Swimming colours 1951. Won 200 yards in Swimming Sports 1951 in record time of 2-26-4. Leader of School Orchestra. Won Yorkshire Schools Spanish Reading Prize 1951, School Spanish Reading Prize 1952, Herbert Hughes Memorial Prize for Spanish 1951. Sub-prefect Jan. 1951. Prefect from Sept. 1951. School Scouts since 1946. Chairman of " A " Troop Court of Honour. R. B. GREGORY. Entered 1943 (Junior School). Clamber House Captain of Cross Country and Athletics 1952. Deputy House Captain 1951-52. Chairman of International Discussion Group. Committee Member of Student Christian Movement. School Choir. School Scouts 1945-49. Dramatic Society. Librarian. School Cross Country team 1950-52. School Athletics Captain 1951-32. Ran in Northern Schools C.C. Championship 1950-52. Prefect since Sept. 1951.