KES Scouts 1962/63

KES Scout Troop1962/63

?, Kevin Speed, Titch Taylor, John (Tabby) Baxter, Mel Pashley, Richard Peterkin, ?, Stephen (Sev) Varley, ?, Dave Pringle, Bob Taylor, ?, John Wragg, Ian Sarginson, ?, ?, ?, ?;
?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Steve Nortcliff, Roger Dunsford, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?;
Michael Ainsworth, Dave Whalley, Bob Davies, Cliff Alsop, Chris Beck, ?, David Sidery(?), David Wilson (WDW), ?Dave Simmonds, Alan Knox, ?, David Buckley, Michael Colley, Dave Beman, John Howarth, Rod Shelton, Andy Smith;
Seated on chairs: Dave Roberts, Pete Reed, Nev Addy, Peter (Sam) Thomas, Rog Holder, Andy Couldwell, Mr. Jameson (?C Troop), Eli Vout (A Troop), Tom Cook (Group Scout Master), John Anderson (B Troop), John Shutt, Jim Mold, Chris Hinsley, Dave Broughton, Dave Barraclough, John Woolley;

Peter (Sam) Thomas and next to him is Rog Holder. The chap on the end next to Pete Reed might be Dave Roberts.

(Photo courtesy of Michael Colley, names via MC, John Baxter, ... )