Philip Hetherington's Photos 1961/62

Scout Trip to Ireland 1964 - Tour of Guinness Factory

Standing: ?, ?, ?, Dave Roberts, ?, ?, Roger Laughton, Imants Lusis, ?, ?;
Seated: ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Mike Purdy, ?

All Photos courtesy of Philip Hetherington

Philip Hetherington, typist

Prefects' Dance, Greystones - the Stan Bonsall band

Tiddlywinks vs Sheffield University, Feb 1962

Ditto; Dennis; Wileman

Ditto; Dennis

Tiddley Winkers - Wileman, Cunningham, Taylor, Dennis

Prefects' room: Wileman; Crookes



Purdy, Dennis, Hall, Cunningham, Taylor;
Ashcroft, Crookes, Hetherington, Tym, Wileman.

After the formal photo

Prefects' Room: Purdy

Ditto: Tym

Ditto: footscape + view from window

Left photo: ? Right: Dowling

View from window

View from window

John Bows facing camera

Prefects' Dinner, Maynard Arms, Friday 13th April 1962

Head Prefects' Cup - returned from Kenya (?) by widow of former head prefect



Cunningham, Meakin

"Automatic Integrating Tele-Scoreboard" - opening ceremony: TK Robinson,TG Cook

Ditto: OR Johnston, Taylor 25

Ditto: TKR, TGC, ORJ


Nosowski operating the system

Hetherington ditto


Engraved brass plaque on Prefects' Room door post

The typewriter

Dowling, Hetherington, Cunningham