Form 2(1) 1962/63

Form 2(1) 1962/63

Richard Digby, Peter Haywood, Steve Jackson, G M Wilkinson, Clive Stones, Rod Nicolson, Dave Gaunt, Ian Treece, Lyn Jenkins, George Wheat;
Richard A Bramwell, Martin Smith, Mick Newman, Darrell Griffiths, Richard Dixon, Rob Bollington, Michael Ainsworth, Pat Woodhouse, Dirk Higgins, J C (John) Smith;
Dave Grunwerg, Martin Linskill, Rob Rayner, Chris Dammers, Andy Fogel, Mr G H Cowan (Classics), Clive Betts, R J Pilkington, John Crawford, Rodney Falk, John Scriven.

Iain Clive Andrew Franklin Robinson (ICAF) was in 2(1) too, maybe away on the day of the photo (there were 31 in 2(1))

Taught as follows:

Scripture (VAV: Vout); English (WDLS: Scobie); History (TGC: Cook); Geography (RNT: Towers); French (JS: Sinclair); Latin (GHC: Cowan); Mathematics (HT: Twyford); Physics (JAR: Reaney); Chemistry (WCH: Hall); Art (CH: Helliwell); Woodwork (EG: Green); Music (NJB: Barnes); PE (DBH: Harrison)

(Source: reports, with teachers' hand-written initials)