Trip to Sweden 1960

[KES Mag Jan 61:]

Sweden 1960

ON 1st August six tired, hungry and lonely boys took to their beds in Gothenberg at 10.30 p.m. At 11.30 p.m. the six boys, more tired, hungry and lonely, climbed through their respective bedroom windows to explore the strange locality. They returned after a short time, their curiosity satisfied but not their hunger. This was the beginning of a holiday.

The next day after a long, hot train journey we arrived at Grebbestad, a small fishing village on the Bohuslan peninsula about a hundred miles north of Gothenberg. We were to stay at the Summer School for Boys held at the local girls' boarding School. After a brief introduction to our room-mates we began our holiday in earnest.

Cliffside by the fjord at Grebbestad
l to r Richard Shutt, Mr. F.D.A.Burns, Howard Culley, Stephen Waterhouse, Brian Cruickshank

The holiday entailed the mixing of work with pleasure and the cost of it was accordingly subsidised. The work consisted of three lessons in the morning, during which we discussed various aspects of life in England and Sweden. The afternoons were left free to enjoy either the excellent sporting facilities, etc., provided by the school or the company of the local inhabitants. Enjoyable trips were made by boat to North Koster Island and in the neighbouring bay, and by bus to Lysekil and Oslo where we saw Viking Ships, the Kon-Tiki raft and other relics.

Evenings were also free until 10 p.m. by which time we had to be in our rooms. However, late night gatherings were illegally held, escape from which was by common consent through the window until one boy in his haste unfortunately omitted the small detail of opening the window first . . . . Other activities included the miniature golf course, an excellent place for establishing relations with the local people, sojourns in one of the cafes and swimming across the bay, if we could penetrate the unending ranks of stinging jellyfish. Lifesaving lessons were also given by one enlightened member of the party.

Dances were held three times a week by the pier and special dances were held on Saturday evenings in Charlottenlund. At the school table tennis and basketball competitions were arranged, one member, never having seen basket-ball before, scoring twelve goals.

So to the last night when we had a party and gave a concert to our Swedish friends, to be presented in return with replicas of the Swedish flag. The concert went without hitch but one person will always remember being poised twenty feet above the stage frantically attempting to switch on a spotlight.

The trip home by plane was uneventful except that it was cold and we arrived home to a foggy, drizzly, bleak and damp England having had a wonderful holiday with fine weather throughout.

Our thanks are due to Mr. and Mrs. Burns, and to Folkuniversitet for arranging the trip.

B. B. C., B. W. E. A., D. B. C.

Visit to the Folk High School Grebbestad, Bohuslan Peninsula

Group of 6 KES pupils (age 15) selected to mix with Swedish boys on a 3 weeks speaking English exercise.

Cafe in Gothenburg.
l to r Richard Shutt, Howard Culley, Bernard Argent, Stephen Waterhouse, Brian Cruickshank.

Rocks at Lysekil, centre Mr and Mrs F.D.A. Burns. others unknown

Departing Party
l to r Mr. F.D.A.Burns, Stephen Waterhouse, Howard Culley, Mrs. Burns,
Bernard Argent, David Cook, Brian Cruickshank, Richard Shutt.

Departing group - Mrs. Burns; our Swedish hostess and her son; Mr. F.D.A. Burns

Aerial view with the school buildings in the bottom right hand corner; the football pitch is at the top of the picture

The Folk High School at Grebbestad where the course was held

(Photo + names courtesy of David Cook)