Form 1(4) 1959/60

John Woolley, Paul S Hockney, Dave Barraclough, John Trythall, Richard Chase, J A Mills, Don Nicolson.
John Hissett, Dave Beman, Pete Jepson, Ian Storey, Frank Cartledge, John Adams, Steve Nortcliff, Chris Reaney.
Anthony (Nesbitt) Blackburn, Adrian Holden, Stephen Walker, Dr G Jameson, D M Hill, Patrick Huston, Brown C R (Chris).
Stephen Ware, Chris Ramsden, Alistair Clark, Jim Saunders, Dave Broughton, Fred Flatt, Robert Beale.

There were 32 in this class so 4 are missing. 3 of these are Peter Beighton, Philip E Robinson and Cyril B Strauss. PER suggests Chris King as the 4th (correctly).

We were taught as follows: Scripture (VAV: Vout); English (RCG: German); History + Geography (RNT: Towers); French (HT: Twyford); Latin (GJ: Jameson); Mathematics (AHW: Wilcock, aka Red Fred); Science (HR: Redston aka Trotsky for terms 1 and 2, and squiggle for Tm 3, Botting being suggested); Tech Draw (DCJ: David Jinks); Woodwork (EG: Green); Music (NJB: Barnes); PE (DBH: Harrison)

(Source: reports, with teachers' hand-written initials, + prodigious feats of memory by Robinson.
Half the class did metalwork in Form 1 followed by woodwork in Form 2.)