Photos - Chris Vere

Group at York. Head of History, VJ Wrigley organised the trip by rail.
Frost, Widdowson, Fergusson and ? Murray July 52. (4th Formers)

Visit to the School ship, SS Hector of the Blue Funnel Line in Gladstone Dock,
Liverpool. May 53. This was the second half of a day trip that had already been to Chester.
Led by Bert Towers who is on the far right. Fifth from left is Ian Fells.
A full coach and a scramble to get a place. First sight of the Liverpool Overhead Railway!
Tea was taken with the Captain.

Silverwood Colliery - 5,000 feet down.and quite warm. An amazing visit to this deep coal mine near Barnsley.
We were told, quite casually, that the 1inch thick steel wires for the cage stretched six feet each time it was lowered.
Never after this did I have anything but admiration for the miners.
Third from left is Kent, perhaps Nick Waite 2nd from left? December 55. I believe there was a similar visit to one of the steelworks too? 6th Formers

KES in snow. It did snow quite a lot that winter!

Campania - the Festival of Britain ship (converted aircraft carrier) at King George V Docks at Hull/ 30th June 51.
Ian Strachan, Tony Frost, Al Cooper and Brian Widdowson. (as 3rd formers)

Bradfield - October 52 - 2 groups. The Rector [Rev. A. King] was an old boy I believe. Mr Collins on right.
Group is Hutchinson? Nick Waite, Wells, ?, Peck, Speight, The Rector and Mr Collins. (still 4th formers!)

[See KES Mag Dec 1952, Junior History Soc report]

Horseplay with Hutchinson, Peck, ? and Wells on the site of the Bar Dike.

Building the new extension - October 53. Probably taken from a staircase window?

Photos + Notes Courtesy of Chris Vere