THE STAFF, 1948/49

Back Row:

Mr W.R. Fraser (German), Mr D.B. Harrison (Games & P.E.), ? , K.P. Barnett (Classics), Mr H.T.R. Twyford (Maths & French), Mr J.C. Hemming (German & French), Mr E.L. Kopcke, Mr W.K. Mace (Maths & Science), Mr G.H. Effron "Billy" (Geography), Lab. Technician, Mr Gillman (Porter/Caretaker - lived in the lodge).

Middle Row:

Mrs Mitchell (History), Mrs Helstrip "Ma Helstrip" (Head Dinner Lady), Mr Helliwell "Clarence" (Art & Woodwork), Mr J.G. Cumming "Chalk" (English), Mr Edgar L. Vernon (Science), Mr W.D.H. Moore (Classics), Mr N.J. Barnes (Music), Mr H.A. Scutt "Harry" (German), Mr Gordon C. Cumming "Cheese" (History), Mr G. Woodage (French & German), Mr D.J. Wilson (Classics), Mr W.O. Clarke (Maths & Science), Mr Harper "Curly" (Science), Mr. Hood (English)

Front Row:

Mr Claypole "Jerry" (Senior English), Mr Graham (History), Mr E.V. Bramhall "Spiv" (French & Spanish - Head of Modern Languages), Mr V.J. Wrigley (Head of History), Mr J.C. Harvey (Head of Classics), Mr S.V. Carter (Second Master or Deputy Head - Maths), Dr Arthur Willoughby Barton (Headmaster - Science & Divinity), Mr H. Redston "Trotsky" (Physics), Miss Hudson (School Secretary), Miss Manners (Maths), Mr P.J. Wallis "Communist" (Head of Maths), Mr J. Oppenheimer "Joe" (German), Mr R.N. Towers (Geography).

(Mr E. Watling "Marcus", Miss E.M. Knight, W.J. Duffin, Dr. C.J. McGrath, and Dr. Hargreaves are missing.)

(Names and notes courtesy of Richard Lamb (45 - 52) and Terry Cook (47 - 54).)

W.R. Fraser (Modern Languages, Left to Join United Nations for Society of Friends which had official consultative status with U.N.)

G.H. ("Billy") Effron (Spanish, Divinity, Great Raconteur & easily distracted, "When I was in Paraguay…", " My friend the R.C.Priest….")

Mrs. Helstrip (Cook, 27 years as school caterer. Original member of Dr. Hichens's household, and appointed by him.)

W.D.H. Moore (Classics, Moved to City of London School with Dr. Barton)

N.J. Barnes (Music)

H.A. Scutt (Former Senior Mod. Lang. Out of retirement in emergency)

V.J. Wrigley (Sen. History, became Head of Hemel Hempstead School)

B.C. Harvey (Sen. Classics, became Head of Dame Allen's School, Newcastle)

Dr. A.W. Barton (Head, became Head of City of London School)

Miss J.M. Manners (Maths, finally left in 1951 after marrying W.J. Duffen, a science master)

P.J. Wallis (Senior Maths, became Head of Dronfield G.S. now Henry Fanshawe School)