KES Form 4B 1943/44


KES Form 4B 1943/44

Standing: Keith Allison, Fatty Magrath, John Woodward, Frank Bailey, Michael Carlisle, Brian Cartwright, D P Hodgson, Peter Lloyd, Tony Corbet, ? , Ralph Layland, Brian Palfreyman, Neville Rhoden, J R Carding-Wells, Steve Bullough, Mike Dow, J F Lewis, B G J Hoskins, B A Scowcroft;
Kneeling: David Armytage, ? Bradbury, D M McNaught, Barry France;
Sitting: Roger Brown, P D Noton, Tom Ellis, John Billington, John Peterken.

Photo + Names courtesy of Hugh Smailes (who was absent on the day); assistance from Derek Page, Neville Rhoden, Ian Fellows ...
Carding-Wells was killed in a motor cycle accident at the age of 19 [ John Peterken]


Hugh Smailes in his new suit for 3B