School Officers for 1959-60:

Head Prefect : M. J. Lodge.

Prefects : R. F. Laughton, C. J. Barnes, F. A. Dixon, P. N. Kenning, D. E. Rodgers, F. A. Smith, J. W. Thorp.

Sub-Prefects : W. M. Abbott, B. Bennett, P. Benton, B. Cheetham, P. W. Cave, P. J. Dench, R. R. Kershaw, F. I. Parker, M. R. Pike, A. J. Revill, M. R. Robinson, A. A. Sampson, R. H. Smith, B. R. Sykes, G. R. Tranmer, A. R. Williams.

Captain of Soccer: F. A. Dixon.
Captain of Rugger : R. F. Laughton.
Captain of Swimming : M. Lewis.
Captain of Cross Country : D. C. Tomlinson.
Captain of Badminton : F. A. Dixon.
Captain of Chess : P. W. Cave.
Chief Librarian : C. J. Barnes.

Prefects 1959/60

Peter Dench, Frank Parker, Anthony Waller, Bill Abbott, Robert Kershaw, Barrie Cheetham;
Tony Dixon, Michael Lodge, Roger Laughton, David Rodgers;
Philip Kenning, Frank Smith, Chris Barnes, Jeremy Thorp.

Photo and names courtesy of Michael Lodge