Photos from Michael Lodge, Head Prefect 59/60

Photos taken in the first half of 1960 featuring the 1959/1960 prefects at KES

I can't recall the owner of the camera but most of these photos were meant to show the prefects, pillars of the establishment, cocking a snook at authority by using school premises and property to mount what they thought, by the lights of those days, were humorous and somewhat daring scenes. Many of the shots had to be taken very quickly to avoid being apprehended by the headmaster, Nat Clapton, or by other masters and therefore had to be planned well in advance - laying the table in the library, for instance, was done in a matter of seconds.

l. to r. Frank Smith, Jeremy Thorp, Roger Laughton, Michael Lodge, Robert Kershaw and David Rodgers.

1. "The Gentlemen Prefects" a parody of Eton. r. Michael Lodge, Peter Benton, Tony Dixon, David Rogers, Chris Barnes and Robert Kershaw

2. "The Head Prefect holds court"

l to r. David Rodgers, Frank Smith, Peter Benton, Jeremy Thorp, Robert Kershaw and Roger Laughton

3. "The box at the Derby"

This was taken in the outdoors loo (The Backs) which no doubt disappeared years ago.

l. to r. Chris Barnes, Tony Dixon, David Rodgers and Frank Smith

4. "Prelude to the Pawnshop"

These were sports trophies kept in the school office and were photographed when the school secretary was out of the room for a moment.

Jeremy Thorp above the fray, Frank Smith in top hat, Chris Barnes with table tennis bat and Peter Benton fending him off

5. "The Wall Game"

Another parody of Eton taken in the Fives Courts next to the Baths.

l. to r. Frank Smith, David Rodgers, Chris Barnes, Jeremy Thorp, Peter Benton and Michael Lodge

6. "Lunch in Joe's Library Restaurant"

Joe was Joe Oppenheimer who taught German but was also the librarian. The library had fairly recently been opened and was regarded as sacrosanct.

7. "Freedom Fighter"

Frank Smith on top of a library book case - a definite no no! It was less than four years after the
Hungarian uprising of 1956 when "freedom fighters" was the name given by the media to those bravely rebelling against the Russians

8. "Ivanhoe"

Frank Smith and Peter Benton by the school dustbins

9. "Queen Victoria"

Frank Smith in the statue's lap in the Botanical Gardens

10. "Tom Cook"

A genial and effective history master who loved working from original
documents rather than from text books; he agreed to pose for this photo.

11. "Trouble in the far corner"

This was V. A. Vout (Eli) who taught religious studies and was Scoutmaster of "A" Troop.
He was a natural target for cheeky youths and someone took this photo while I was bringing him a message from Nat Clapton

MJL July, 2005
Michael Lodge (KES 53-60)