Old Edwardians' Association


18th July: 1997.

Welcome to the second edition of "The Edwardian".

This year, the newsletter has expanded and we are once again distributing the publication free to all Members in a continuing effort to foster the growth of the Association and maintain it in good health.

We congratulate Michael Lewis and his staff on their efforts to continue the fine academic and sporting traditions of King Edwards in what are sure to remain straitened times. A change of Government may well bring still greater emphasis on education but it is improbable that the funding ordinarily available to the School will rise significantly in the short term and resources are likely to remain at a premium for the foreseeable future.

I hope that we can all work, both individually and collectively, to assist King Edwards in whatever way that we are able. A considerable amount has been achieved as the Association's Links with the School strengthen but there is still so much more that we can do to help.

I will keep you abreast of developments.




Dear Old Edwardians

It is a pleasure to contribute to this newsletter for Old Edwardians. May I congratulate all involved in this admirable initiative; I hope this proves successful in bringing together former pupils across many generations, who share the common bond of having spent their formative years at King Edward VII School.

1996-1997 has been a remarkable year. Starting on a high point of outstanding pupil examination results in August, the School played host to over 500 Old Edwardians at the 90th Anniversary Reunion in September, many of whom had travelled long distances to sit again in the Assembly Hall, to explore classrooms and corridors and, of course, to meet up with former classmates.

The Reunion was also an opportunity to bring the Anniversary Appeal to a close. Over £50,000 has been raised, including the proceeds of sales of “Tha'll never gerr in theer…” to which the local Education Authority has added £15,000 in matched funding, to enable us to carry out essential improvements in Chemistry and Biology. In addition, by September 1997 the redecoration of the interior of most of Upper School will be complete. Although several OEs were visibly dismayed by the apparent shabbiness of the School, we have in fact carried out a programme of major improvements since 1989, during which time numbers attending the School have risen from 1,240 to more than 1,550. Despite the very real generosity of OEs who contributed so well to the Appeal, much still remains to be done. If you would like to make a donation to the Appeal please send me your cheque, made payable to King Edward VII School 90th Anniversary Appeal. All donations will be acknowledged by return. Our next targets are further improvements to Science and Technology and renovation of the assembly hall.

The other major event of the year has been the full inspection of the School by a team of 16 inspectors from OFSTED (Office for Standards in Education). The inspectors spent 62 working days in School in the last week of January 1997, visiting 223 lessons and carrying out more than 70 hours of interviews. In addition, they held a meeting for parents and waded through extensive documentation. The conclusions were all we could have hoped for. The School was described as "a very popular, truly comprehensive and successful school". Particular praise was given to:

Last and perhaps not least in importance for OEs who are taxpayers, the School was found to be very well led and managed and to provide very good value for money".

OFSTED and school inspections have become very controversial. Whatever one's views, the 1997 Inspection was a very positive experience for the School although it has left us all feeling drained and weary. According to our records, the last full inspection was in 1934. Copies of the 1997 report are available from the School at £ 1.00 (and displayed on the Old Edwardians' Website http://membersaol/.com/kesviioea - Ed).

Amongst the more extraordinary extra curricular activities will be this summer's expedition to the Karakorum Mountain range. For two years, a team of senior students and teachers have been preparing for this adventure. Preparation has included much demanding physical training and a variety of sponsored fundraising activities. Outdoor activities include: 39 students going for gold in this summer's Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme expedition, whilst others content themselves with participation in the 50 mile sponsored walk. Foreign visits this year have included USA, France, Germany, Denmark; the group which visited Ceske Budejovice in the Czech Republic (home of Budweiser beer) were armed with Sheffield's own Wards Beer as a gift. Perhaps this piece of enterprise may give rise to longer term developments.

The School is delighted to hear of and from Old Edwardians. Do stay in touch. We will endeavour to pass on any news you may wish to transmit. We greatly appreciate the association's moral and material support for which we all say 'Thank You'.


PS: Farewell to Ian Lawson. After 13 years of loyal service, we bid farewell to Ian who has been promoted to become Head of Sixth Form at Joseph Rowntree School in York. Many more recent OEs will recall with pleasure, Ian's enormous enthusiasm and passion for mathematics and basketball and will wish him well in his new post.


President: Philip Skinner
Vice President: Peter Fletcher (Immediate Past President
Treasurer: Adrian Belton
Secretary: Simon Baggott
Communications Officer: David Pollard


a. Cricket Section John Parr, David Seal
b. Football Section Robert Dabbs, Ian Nunnington
c. Badminton Section Michael Blagden
d. General Members Les Davies, John Phillips, Ben Uttley, Peter Wileman
e. Recent Members KES Wanda Adam, Elisabeth Holden, Rebecca Salmon, Richard Woolley
f. Assistant Teacher KES Susan Holden



Saturday 21 September 1996 was the day when Old Edwardians (young and old) converged on Sheffield to share an occasion that marked the ninetieth anniversary of the School.

Planning had been meticulous and for months beforehand Old Edwardians had been trawled for knowledge of their peers' whereabouts. Ann Smith, the headteacher's secretary, worked tirelessly to locate and contact nearly 2,000 Old Edwardians, the oldest attending the junior School in 1916!

Back in the autumn of 1995, it had been Norman Adsetts' task, as guest of honour, to open the new school building at the Upper School. A leading Sheffield businessman over the past twenty years, it was Norman who provided the school with the resources to plan the 90th Appeal and subsequent event.

We can all remember the day we first arrived at school. In Norman's case, he was able to relate his own 45 year old version in his opening address.


Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress, Master and Mistress Cutler, Ladies and Gentlemen .


As you will no doubt have gathered, that means - 'among all those here today it is a real pleasure to welcome someone who, as a boy, was instructed and educated within these walls'.

That was the stirring introduction to the speech I made the last time I stood on this platform in front of such an audience; it was in 1950, and as Head Prefect I was welcoming the Guest of Honour, an Old Boy who was the head of an Oxford College, as was the tradition, in Latin.

Oddly, I can still remember that speech, while much more useful things have been forgotten, and so rather than invent new and original phrases, I thought you would appreciate a little flavour of that occasion.


In September 1942 my first term began. I turned up in my navy blue blazer, a navy blue cap with white piping on it, a new leather satchel, and a very special ruler with a metal edge which my father, who was in the Royal Air Force, had sent.

It was two years, nearly, since the Sheffield blitz; the tram on which I rode from Meadowhead to town passed every day the wreckage and rubble of the bomb-sites which lined the Moor; and in my bedroom at home I had maps of the war zones with little flags to show the opposing armies."


There are many 'Young Edwardians' these days. Darwin Lane will take possession of its new entrants this September at the level of 240 pupils. To many of us an intake on that scale appears unimaginable. To the School it appears embarrassing - there were actually 320 strong representations for those places.

Pictured right are KES pupils on their Year 8 (second year) study visit to Bochum - Sheffield's twin city in Germany, this year.

The pupils were about to visit the famous Mohne Dam, made infamous as a result of its successful destruction by RAF Dambusters, during the 2nd World War.

Pupils receiving a lecture from the German guide were fascinated to note her presentation included excerpts from the Dambusters film.


"It was washing the glasses at midnight that did it"
Ann Smith after the reunion event


•           The school raised over £50,000 in the anniversary appeal

•           11 pupils from the 1920's were present

•           32 members of past and current staff were present

•           311 pupils attended


It has been agreed by the current Committee that surplus funds over a base level of £1000 should support the School in the areas agreed.

From last year onwards, we have been allocating 10% of subscriptions into our special support scheme for the School.

Existing funds have been spent on establishing a new database of members, the OEA website, and the furnishing of a CD Rom to the School Library carrying New Statesman and Economist titles.

In order to boost fund spending power in future, the Association will adopt a conscious policy of ensuring all events are designed to break even, and is introducing a new annual subscription scheme that will enhance membership benefits.


Contact the School. use our Email or get in touch with any named Committee member. We will be pleased to hear from you.

NJB (and Peter Boyling)
Julian Harrison, Keith Ruttle, Paul Webster;
Jayne Beeston, Glyn Foley

Music to our Ears

How many thousands of us had our musical interests massively stimulated by our extraordinary music master Norman J Barnes? Amongst many, I took for granted the choir, the orchestra and the constantly new musical innovations that he would ingeniously add to School concerts. There is even a complete record of these events prepared by our very own NJB and held in the School.

(Your Editor even had an extra dose being spotted at Junior school and 'bribed' to participate in Ranmoor Church choir in 1964).

Philip Skinner and Julian Harrison visited Norman recently and found him still delightful company and a fund of anecdotes and NJB responded by letter which is reproduced below. He would be very pleased to hear from ex-pupils who have something to say.

"Dear Philip

Looking back over the years, things are seen in a clear perspective - a life of two parts separated by six years in the army at war. I am looking at a programme dated February 28th 1929 of a concert in the Hall of Exeter College, Oxford where a 'Master' N Barnes tops the famous (locally) "Exonian Singers" Quartet. I was 13 years young and Head Chorister at Exeter, and I had no doubt that whatever I did in life it would involve choirs and the organ. (I was having my first lessons from the Organ Scholar) and so it was: I got a 'free place' at Magdalen College School an Organ School, and was 'School' Organist to St Peter's (a young college where I founded the St Peter's Male Voice Singers. No ladies in those days). By then a 'bass', I sang in the Oxford Bach Choir and played for Thomas Armstrong (its conductor) in August at the Cathedral (Christ Church).

St Peter's College Chapel was also a parish church (St Peter le Bailey) so I lingered on after my final exams, happily orchestrating my 'Exercise' until the Master said, 'Oh by the way, I've given your scholarship to someone else'. I had only done a year then at St Mark's Leamington Spa, before I was called up into the army.

For the next six years organ' meant 'harmonium', usually on the tailboard of a wireless truck for Sunday parade services in desert (Egypt) or jungle (India) (I was a chindit).

Back in Oxford for a year doing a KRCO and a Diploma in Education, I applied for King Edward VII School, Sheffield, and got it! (The others on the shortlist had already turned it down!)

It was wonderful, all I had learned and experienced in Oxford and the army so far, came into use in Sheffield. But it has been the quality and zeal of all you good people that enriched the scene throughout, and made all possible.

In a year or two The Times Educational Supplement was reporting our Passion music productions - unusual then in 'ordinary' schools.

In 1949 Professor (Music) Stewart Dean appeared in the School dining hall to ask me to create and conduct the Sheffield Bach Choir, and for eleven years I drew on my experience in the Oxford Bach Choir to do just that (1950-1961).

So I thank you, Philip, as representing all the excellent singers and players and organisers I have been blessed with for making things happen.

All good wishes. Gratefully yours

Signature ENJAYBEE

Norman J Barnes,

MBE. MA. B.Mus (Oxon), FRCO, ARSCM



Those of us who have managed to visit the School in recent years will have been aware of how the Upper School library has grown in size - with considerable effect.

The top of the gym below which used to have those massively high ropes hanging from its ceding, has been reclaimed by the library along with the external windows, adding much light to the right hand end of the room.

In addition, computers now adorn another part of the library offering access to WWW information and related files.

It was here that the Old Edwardians chose to boost school resources by supplying The Economist and New Statesman on CD Rom this Spring.


Eric Allsop informs us that the existing Swimming Baths were erected in the 1930's when the former building was condemned. Parents' subscription contributed to the cost of the pool and its furnishings.



King Edward VII School Swimming Pool, venue of many a transition to water for the first time, is one of the success stories of this decade.

Declining in use and condition in the fashion of many facilities during the last ten years, the swimming pool was finally earmarked for closure by Sheffield City Council.

Local parents, incensed by the loss of an amenity, so convenient and apparently manageable decided to offer a rescue scheme, and a charitable trust was formed to control the operation. This took place around three years ago, with the name changed to King Edward VII Pool. Facilities were upgraded, new opening times introduced and dedicated, professional staff recruited. This is now one King Edward's school memory that looks better today than ever with a future guaranteed by the Trust.


The Edwardian's Who's Who

The following fascinating list of names was collected for us by Frank Bland (1944-53), who trawled Who's Who on CD Rom, to reveal those Old Edwardians listed below.

We would be grateful for information leading to more such individuals who might, for instance, also be listed in Who's Who, but who have failed to refer to their old school.

1890 Frank Charles THOMPSON. Professor of Metallurgy, University of Manchester 1921-59 Dec 77
1892 Herman GLAUERT, FRS Principal Scientific Officer Royal Aircraft Establishment, Farnborough Dec 34
1894 Harry Epworth ALLEN, RBA. Painter Dec 58
1895 Sir John (Cecil) Sterndale BENNETT, KCMG (CMG), MC Deputy Commissioner-General, South East Asia 1950-53 Dec 69
  Arthur LYTTON SELLS Professor of French, University of Durham 1930-51 Dec 78
1896 Preston BENSON journalist, Daily Chronicle 1923-30, Star 1930-60 Dec 75
1898 Albert Boswell HUTT Ophthalmic Surgeon, United Sheffield Hospitals 1948-63 Dec 78
1899 Edward Charles TITCHMARSH, FRS Professor Geometry, University of Oxford 1931-63 Dec 63
1900 Thomas HARVATT, CMG. Secretary and Deputy Director College of Legal Education 1934-68 Dec 84
  Sir John RENWICK President. Law Society 1967-8 Dec 83
1902 Albert Ernest WRIGHT, CMG, OBE. Joint Secretary, Ministry of Finance Government of Pakistan 1952-7 Dec 60
1903 Edward Michael Tyndall FIRTH, CB. Under-Secretary, Ministry of Health Registrar General 1958-63 Dec 91
1904 (Ralph) Blair GOULD Physician and anaesthetist, Royal Throat, Nose and Ear Hospital and elsewhere Dec 84
  William Gerald HUMPHREY Head . The Leys School Cambridge 1934-58 Dec 95
  George BUTLER, RBA, RWS. Painter. Head of Art Department, I Walter Thompson Co Ltd 1933-60  
1905 Herbert Arthur HODGES. Professor of Philosophy, University of Reading 1934-69 Dec 76
  Dr Edward Hubert LINFOOT Astronomer. Assistant Director of the Observatory. University of Cambridge 1948-70 Dec 82
1906 Prof Albert GOODWIN. Professor of Modern History. University of Manchester 1953-69 Dec 95
  Dr John Hugh CHESTERS, OBE, FRS. Assistant Director/Deputy Director of Research, United Steel Cc Ltd 1945-67 Director Corporate Laboratories. BISRA 1970-7I Dec 94
1907 Rev Prof Henry Ernest William TURNER Residentiary Canon 1950-73 and Treasurer 1956-73 of Durham Cathedral Professor of Divinity. Durham University 1958-73 Dec 95
  Prof Alexander GILLIES. Professor of German Language and Literature. University of Leeds 1945-72 Dec 77
1908 Rt Rev Leslie Edward STRADLING Bishop of Johannesburg 1961-74  
  Sir Harold (Warns) THOMPSON CBE FRS Professor of Chemistry. University of Oxford 1964-75 Chairman Football Association 1976-81 Dec 83
  Sir (Henry) Charles HUSBAND, CBE Founder Husband & Co, Consulting Engineers, designer of Jodrell Bank and Goon hilly Downs aerials Dec 83
1910 Sir Eric (Gardner) TURNER, CBE Professor of Papyrology, University College. University of London 1950-78 Dec 83
1911 Prof Eric LAUGHTON. Professor Latin, University of Sheffield 1952-76 Dec 88
  Prof Ronald Harry GRAVESON, CBE QC Professor of Law, University College 194;-74 and Professor of Private International Law, King's College 1974- 78. University of London Dec 91
1912 Derek Edward WILDE, CBE Vice Chairman 1972-77 Barclays Bank Lid. Deputy Chairman. Charterhouse Group 1980-84 Dec 93
  Phillip ALLEN, Baron Allen of Abbeydale. Life Peer GCB (KCB, CB) Permanent Under-Secretary of State, Home Office 1966-72    
  Sir Geofroy (William)TORY. KCMG (CMG). High Commissioner Malaya 1957-63: Ambassador. Ireland 1964-66: High Commissioner Malta 1967-70  
  Sir Edgar (Trevor) WILLIAMS CB, CBE, DSO, Despatches (thrice) Freeman of Chester. Warden. Rhodes House Oxford 1952-80 Dec 95
1915 Sir Alan DAWTRY, CBE (MBE (mil)) TD Chief Executive, Westminster City Council 1956-77  
  Roger INMAN OBE (mil), (MBE(mil)), TD Joint Managing Director Harrison Fisher Group 1951 Vice Lord-Lieutenant of South Yorkshire 1981-90  
1916 William Jeffrey SMITH CB. Under Secretary. Northern Ireland Office 1972-6  
1918 Prof Deryck Norman de Garrs ALLEN Professor of Applied Mathematics, University of Sheffield 1955-80  
  Sir Norman SIDDALL, CBE, Chairman, National Coal Board 1982-1983  
  Rev Canon Philip Henry CECIL. Residentiary Canon and Treasurer of Peterborough Cathedral 1972-77 Dec 77
1919 Prof Eric Watts BRADFORD Professor of Dental Surgery, University of Bristol 1959-85  
1922 Philip RHODES. Professor of Postgraduate Medical Education. University of Southampton 1980-87  
1923 Prof Donald MacGillivray NICOL, FBA Professor of Modern Greek and Byzantine History. Language and Literature. Kings College, University of London 1970-88  
1924 Derek EAGERS. Under-Secretary. Department of Trade and Industry 1975-84  
  Prof Raymond Ian PAGE. Professor of Anglo-Saxon­ University of Cambridge 1984-91  
1924 Ronald DRONFIELD. Chief Insurance Officer for National Insurance Department of Health and Social Security 1976-84  
1926 Michael James FARRELL. Reader in Economics. University of Cambridge 1970-75 Dec 75
  Peter Geoffrey HUDSON, Member. Panel of Chairmen, Civil Service Selection Board 1987-94  
1927 Roy Oxspring BARLOW. Recorder of the Crown Court 1975  
  Professor John Philipps KENYON, Professor in Early Modern British History. University of Kansas 1987-94  
  Prof (George) Adrian HORRIDGE. Professor of Neurobiology, Research School of Biological Sciences, Australian National University 1969-92  
1928 Francis William CHEETHAM OBE, Director, Norfolk Museums Service 1974-90  
  Gordon Pearson RENTON, Assistant Under-Secretary, Home Office and Department of Trade and Industry 1978-84 Chairman R&D Communications Ltd 1990  
  Christopher Maynard WILSON Chairman LCE (Holdings) Ltd formerly LCE Computer Maintenance Ltd 1987­  
1929 Sir (John) Michael CARLISLE Chairman. Trent Regional Health Authority] 982-94 Chairman Community Health Sheffield NHS Trust 1994­  
1930 His Honour Judge Peter (Maxwell) BAKER QC Circuit judge 1983­  
1932 George Mann MacBETH Poet and Author. 92
  Prof Ian FELLS. Professor of Energy Conversion, University of Newcastle upon Tyne 1975­  
  Michael John FINLEY. Editor. Sheffield Telegraph 1964-69 Governor. International Press Foundation 1988­  
1935 Alan Raymond JINKINSON. General Secretary UNISON 1993­  
1935 (Michael) Rodney JACKSON Recorder of the Crown Court 1985  
1936 Michael MADDEN. Under Secretary. Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food 1985-1996  
  (George) Neil SMITH, Ambassador to Finland 1989-95  
1938 Prof Edward Conrad WRAGG Professor of Education, University of Exeter 1978­  
1940 Victor COCKER Chief Executive. Seven Trent Water 1995­  
1941 (Peter) John GOULDEN, CMG. Ambassador to Turkey 1992-95 Ambassador and UK Permanent Representative to North Atlantic Council and to Permanent Council of Western European Union 1995­  
  His Honour (John Graeme) McNAUGHT Circuit judge 1987­  
  Stephen Guy LINSTEAD Director. Department of Trade and Industry. West Midlands Region 1990-94  
1942 His Honour Judge (David Ronald) BENTLEY QC Circuit judge 1988­  
1943 Roland Hedley SMITH, CMG. Assistant Under-Secretary, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1995­  
  Christopher John Scott BREARLEY CB Deputy Secretary, Department of the Environment 1994­  
1947 Roy GALLEY MP (C) Halifax 1983-87. Director Facilities, Royal Mail 1992­  
1950 Clive James Charles BETTS Leader Sheffield City Council 1987-92 MP(Lab) Sheffield Attercliffe 1992­  
1952 Jonathan David DURHAM HALL QC. Recorder of the Crown Court 1995­  
1957 (Richard) Matthew BANNISTER. Controller BBC Radio 1 1993-6. Director of Radio BBC 1996­  

Also included:

  Stanley Ronald Kershaw GURNER, MC  Headmaster KES 1926-7 Whitgift School, Croydon 1928­ 1890-1939
  Richard Brockbank GRAHAM    Headmaster KES 1928-38 Bradford Grammar School 1939-53 1898-1957
  Arthur Willoughby BARTON   Headmaster KES 1939-50 City of London School 1950-65. 1899-1976


There may be those of us whose memories of the School have so matured over time, we now delight in being reminded of it. The School’s PTA has arranged for some professional prints of the above water colour by Tim Rose to be published and sold on behalf of School funds. Measuring approximately 15” x 10”. there are still a few signed copies available at the price of £10.00 plus £3.00 postage and packing. Please apply, enclosing payment, to Ann Smith. at the Upper School.




The Association now has a home page on the World Wide Web (http://members.aol.com/kesviioea) drawing on the pioneering work undertaken by Katherine Ferguson who has been running an `unofficial' site for some time whilst studying at Warwick University.

The site continues to develop but already features this and the previous edition of The Edwardian, a Members' List, the School's recent inspection report in full and much more. Postage costs are a significant drain on the income of the Association and, looking to the future, we would wish to use the net as much as possible to promulgate news and invite comment.


The OEA database and members' list continues to evolve and now features details of over 800 Old Edwardians known to us.

Created in Microsoft Access, password-protected and held in a physically secure environment, this information is being husbanded by Philip Skinner and Ann Smith in full accord with both the provisions and spirit of the Data Protection Act. We should stress that this is the only place where Members' addresses and telephone numbers are held and these will not be generally disseminated.

A Members' list (featuring only names, dates of attendance at the School and town of residence) is available to all on request from Ann Smith, on her receipt of a stamped addressed A4 sized envelope. The list is displayed also on the World Wide Web (http://members.aol.com/kesviioea) where it will be constantly updated.

Individuals wishing to be put in touch with other Members shown are invited to email or write, enclosing a stamped envelope, to Ann who would be happy to pass their messages on. Alternatively, Ann may be emailed at kesviioea@aol.com


Orders were encouraged for the new Association tie and some 25 of you have forwarded cheques and waited with great patience for the promised product to finally appear!

The opportunity has been taken to refine the design, which now features the lion in the traditional pattern depicted on the front cover of this issue. Samples from a variety of sources have been sought and we are delighted to report that a formal order for the minimum order possible has now been placed

with a (new) manufacturer for a midnight blue silk tie with woven silver motif. Delivery is anticipated shortly and despatch to those members who have already paid will follow immediately thereafter. The balance remaining will be available from Ann Smith at a cost of £15.60 (including postage) and, in the event that demand exceeds supply, a further order will be placed once sufficient monies have been accumulated.


To be held at the Cutlers' Hall, Sheffield on Friday 19TH SEPTEMBER


Then please support our first cocktail party which is to be held at Sheffield's most prestigious venue, the Cutlers' Hall. Cost, at £12.50 covers wine and canapés, and tickets available direct from the School. Contact Headteacher's secretary, Ann Smith.


A new president and a new venue was to be the order of the day for this year's Old Edwardians' Annual Dinner held on Friday April 4th.

New president, as this was Philip Skinner's first year in the post in his new role as poacher turned gamekeeper. It was somewhat disappointing that some 'independence' from the floor was not shown whilst Skinner was on his feet, as he was one of the more vociferous diners on previous occasions!

New venue was the Cutlers' Hall, to where the event has moved from its previous location at Baldwin's Omega. The president's speech assured those present that it was hardly a 'new' venue for the Association, just the odd forty years ago since we'd last been there.

The guest speaker was a splendid ambassador for the School and his employer - the BBC. Matthew Bannister (1968-75), Controller BBC Radio gave an excellent account of life within the empire that is the BBC today.

Even the vexed question of Chris Evans' hurried departure from top spot received comment, though his carefully chosen words would have puffed out the chest of the BBC directors in pride - the PR man's dream!

Matthew will be a hard act to follow and the Association's officers are currently researching in preparation for next year. Any knowledge amongst OE's of colleagues in stimulating positions anywhere around the globe, would be gratefully received by the Editor.


We look forward to meeting everyone again next year at our major social event of the year, the Old Edwardians' Annual Dinner. This year at least three generations of OEs attended and both sexes are increasingly represented.

The superb Cutlers' Hall has again been reserved for this prestigious event, which is to be held on Maundy Thursday 9th April 1998. Dress: black tie option. Tickets at £22.50 (£18.00 for those in further education), are available from Ann Smith, Headteacher's Secretary, King Edward VII School, Sheffield.

When booking your tickets, please ensure your years at School are recorded, so that seating can be planned accordingly.


  Sheffield, wrote this article alongside a photograph of the deteriorating pavilion on 12th May 1989:

"£150,000 estimate for repair is the last straw"


Final over for pavilion of memories...

"A sports pavilion at Whiteley Woods, Sheffield, that has been the backdrop to generations of schoolboy footballers and cricketers is to be demolished. City councillors have given the go-ahead for the demolition of the 1920s pavilion after being told it would cost £150,000 to repair. The timbered pavilion, used by King Edward VII School, is in such an advanced state of decay and poor structural condition that there is no alternative but to knock it down.

Already the school is using alternative playing fields and changing rooms at Castle Dyke, Ringinglow, an education sub-committee heard. And the Old Edwardian Cricket and Football Associations which have been based at Whiteley Woods for many years, have also made other arrangements.

Senior assistant education officer Ian Birch said there were no immediate plans to sell the land - in both green belt and conservation areas - because its potential as a capital receipt was low.

The cost of knocking down the pavilion and subsequent re-building would be out of the question because of the cost, he said.

The council may consider the possibility of building a temporary pavilion, and leasing it out to sports bodies, although the uneven terrain, and its fairly remote position in the city, made that unlikely, Mr Birch added."

Whiteley Woods remains in the hands of the City's Property Services Department awaiting disposal along with the nearby Cottage Lane playing fields.

Birkdale School is currently negotiating the purchase of a 50 year lease on Castle Dyke and enjoys a licence to occupy in the interim. Already Birkdale has spent some £40,000 on the 30 acre site, installing heating in the brick changing rooms and investing in the refurbishment of the tennis courts and overgrown cricket pitches.

Some eight Sheffield sports clubs also share the use of the Castle Dyke facilities which will extend to five football, three cricket, two rugby and two hockey pitches together with the enhanced tennis courts when improvements are complete.


A number of enquiries regarding Whiteley Woods playing fields followed the last Edwardian newsletter, covering as it did, the story of Wag's retirement many years ago.

We therefore asked Michael Lewis KES Headteacher, for his understanding of its demise:

"At the end of the 1980s, the local Education Authority came to the view that the Pavilion at Whiteley Woods constituted a danger under the terms of health and safety regulations and was beyond economic repair. It therefore took the decision to demolish the building. As the local Education Authority is responsible as the de facto landlord, the fields were owned by the local Education Authority and not by the School (the School owns nothing, unlike private schools, or indeed GM schools). It is my understanding that the local Education Authority disposed of the fields.

I am not certain whether this means that they have been leased to a third party or sold, but they are no longer used by the School.

I regret greatly that the local Education Authority did not see fit to maintain the pavilion and grounds in a suitable condition so that the only reasonable decision left was demolition and disposal..


A photograph of a KES class, their teacher and a dog appeared in The Star last year, exhorting Did Edwardians approaching the big 4-0 to get together for a party. Phones soon started ringing and contacts were eventually made with forty of the School's 1968 entrance year, some now scattered as far away as New Zealand.

“We held the reunion at the Sportsman, Crosspool and had a wonderful time.

Friends swapped details of the last twenty-five years of their life and their current positions -which seemed in the main to be extraordinarily successful!" said organiser Lynn Daniel (nee Caudwell).


Many of these friends were not known to the OEA, and had not been invited to the 90th reunion. This has now been remedied in time for 2006:



Over the last few months the OE's Committee has been working on a concept which will represent a major contribution from the Association to the school should it come to fruition. Chosen from a variety of options, the project selected involves providing an all-weather sports surface to replace the tennis courts at Glossop Road. The facility will provide a year round surface for football, hockey and basketball - no more tramping off 'the Close" at the end of lunch-break muddied up to the collar! The facility should be floodlit and will be open 7 days per week, if we enjoy the administrative support of the swimming pool staff. It will also be available outside school hours to the local community and will hopefully provide an income stream to support further investment in School facilities.

It is hoped that funding may be raised from a variety of sources, including an application to the National Lottery and the Foundation for Sports and Arts. At a total cost of around £150,000 we are hoping the project might be completed within two years if we are able to generate sufficient support. When we have a clearer view of the possible viability of the scheme, the Committee considers that this may be a suitable scheme to which Old Edwardians may wish to contribute.


Sunday 29th June 1997, Sheffield University Astro Turf Pitches

Goodwin Sports Centre, Northumberland Road, Broomhill, Sheffield

Old Edwardian Squad: Andy Wake, Ian Nunnington, Bob Hopley, Dan White, Andy Kay, Nick Baker, Rob Dabbs, Steve Oxendale, Colm Keyes, Brian Colley, Pat Nevin, Dan Brooksbank and Gary Robinson.

An exciting encounter brought a feast of goals, resulting in a victory for the OE's winning 8-5.

OE's started well taking an early lead through Colm Keyes, but the school replied quickly with two tremendous individual goals from Byron and Liam Stephenson. This was short-lived and by half time the score was 4-2 to the OE's, with goals from Nick Baker, Brian Colley and Colm Keyes.

OE's came out firing on all cylinders for the second half extending their lead further, this time through Andy Kay and Gary Robinson. At 6-2 the game looked over, but the School team fought back heroically, again another superb goal from outside the box by Chris Liggins, brought the School back to 6-3. The School pressurized for long spells but were caught on the break, with two further goals by Gary Robinson to make it 8-3. The pressure paid off in the end with two late goals by Byron Walton and Will Forsdyke to make the final score 8-5 to the OE's.

Thanks to everyone who turned up to watch and play, especially to Sue Holden from the School who made the fixture possible. It is hoped to arrange further fixtures in the future.

EDITORS NOTE - the next fixture will be on 21st September 1997, venue TBA.


The Old Edwardians' football team continues to provide regular playing opportunities for former pupils and their colleagues.

The teams were fuelled by school leavers until about ten years ago, when the club sported three sides.

Today, the Old Edwardians' Football team fields a first Xl and an Over 35's team. The search is on for committed players and a manager (is there a suitably qualified, enthusiastic individual out there?), to strengthen the existing arrangements.

The OEA would wish to re-establish links between school leavers and the sports teams by encouraging current school leavers.

OE football team home games are played at Bawtry Road, home of Sheffield United Cricket Club, who have recently spent £0.5m upgrading the facilities. Last season, the club finished mid-table in the County League Division 11. Games are played on Saturday afternoons, with fixtures all over South Yorkshire.

Team secretary is Brian Colley (0114 281 9438), and training is on Tuesday nights at 8.00 pm at the Goodwin Sports Centre, Broomhill.

The club is currently looking for team sponsorship in the form of new kit (carrying sponsor's name) for the 1997-98 season.

Old Edwardians who have played in recent years include the following:

Andy Kay, Nick Baker, Richard Higbid, Jethro Souter, Ian Nunnington, Mathew Howard, Rob Dabbs, Oliver Rowson, Richard Stewart, Jamie Baldwin, Andrew Morton.


Founded just after the First World War the OECC played friendly cricket in South Yorkshire and Derbyshire (and often further afield) for the fast half century of its existence. Many of our regular opponents were involved in the founding of the Yorkshire and Derbyshire League in 1969. We joined them in 1972 since when it has grown from its parallel 1st and 2nd XI competitions, into third and fourth divisions, a 7-a-side and 40-Over Sunday Cup today. The OECC originally played at the King Edward VII school ground at Whiteley Woods but its decline during the 1980's caused the 1st XI to move to Abbeydale Park in 1988, shortly followed by the 2nd XI who played briefly at Meadowhead.

New players are always welcome to join the club, which offers a Midweek XI playing in the Sheffield and District Works League (Division B), First XI playing in the Yorkshire and Derbyshire League (Division 1) and the Second XI, playing in the Yorkshire and Derbyshire League (Division 2).

Club Dates:


19th September 7.30 pm Abbeydale Sports Club

Readers will note that that this unfortunately clashes with the OE Cocktail Evening

DINNER DANCE 11th October 7.00 for 7.30 pm Abbeydale Sports Club

14th November Executive Suite, Bramall Lane

FURTHER INFORMATION: Andy Leiper (0114 230 1926)