Oliver Rowson's Wedding

OEs at Ol's Wedding in Gloucestershire - December 30th 2006

L-R: Alex Marston, Ben Stuart, Richard Cotton, Jethro Soutar, Nick Stevens, Richard Stewart, Joe Mather, Oliver Rowson, John Gilbertson,
Jamie Baldwin, Jay Grover, Sam Dubberley, Rob McGowan, Dan Wilde.

Those present included: Oliver Rowson (marrying Sara Holland), myself, Jamie Baldwin, Rob McGowan, John Gilbertson, Alex Martson, Ben Stuart, Nick Stevens, Emily Britt, Joanne Gillespie, Richard Cotton, Deborah Cotton, Vicki Cotton, Dan Wilde, Joe Mather, Jethro Soutar, Richard Stewart & Amy Rowson. A good few of those also attended my wedding in Turkey on September 2nd 2006.

L-R: Jethro Soutar, Ben Stuart, Sam Dubberley, Alex Marston, Richard Cotton, Richard Stewart, Oliver Rowson,
Nick Stevens, John Gilbertson, Dan Wilde, Joe Mather, Jamie Baldwin, Rob McGowan.

These photos are also at Flickr, here, with many other photos of the wedding.

Sam Dubberley

[There are also photos of Sam Dubberley's wedding in Flickr, here, including the one below.]

Sam and Basak