Presidential Address

I consider it to be a great honour to have been asked to be President of The Old Edwardians Association and one, of course, that I have been delighted to accept.

As one of the final ‘eleven-plus’ intake of 1968 my time at King Edward VII School bore witness to the steady transition from a traditional ‘grammar’ school education to the comprehensive education offered to the pupils of today. The rights and wrongs of modern education are we all know debated inexorably but nonetheless, King Edward VII School, Sheffield, our school, continues to perform admirably, producing numerous talented individuals as indeed it has always done.

But what of the Old Edwardians Association and its membership?

Firstly it is my intention that the traditional ‘get together’ on Maundy Thursday should continue to be the main function of the year and will remain so through the duration of my Presidency. But a yearly dinner and get together cannot and must not be the only focus for the Association.

I am a firm believer that each and everyone of us owes a great deal to the School and to the time and commitment invested in all of us by those who guided us through our period of education no matter however successful that may have been.

It is my desire to see the Old Edwardian Association become a much closer supporter of the School in all its aims and ambitions. There is within our ranks, a plethora of talent and skills which I believe should be harnessed to support the staff and pupils as they move forward in what are today, very difficult times. The world has changed and so has King Edward VII School and it would be wrong of us to continually look backwards rather than forward.

The pupils of today are the Old Edwardians of tomorrow and I sincerely believe that, as an Association, we all have an obligation to give something back by utilising our skills and talents in support of their education and future aspirations. I do hope you agree.

I look forward seeing you all on Maundy Thursday 2014.

John Parr (KES 1968-75), June 2013