Centenary Photos - Star

From back:
Bryan Morgan (50-6), Geoffrey Wheeler (40s),
John Shipton (50-7), Jim Mould (57-64);
Rod Nicolson (61-8), Peter Haywood (61-8),
Chris Brown (59-66), Alan Spier (54-9);
Paul Whyman (56-62), ?, ?, ?;
?, ?, ?, Peter Cowling (55-63).
Bryan Morgan says that the torso behind him
is that of Geoff Walton (50-7)
Dr Peter R Beeley, 1931-39
Ian Rodger (76-79) back in the Science Dept
James Daglish (54-7), Nick Daglish (54-7),
Roger Laughton (53-60)
Ken Emmett (1947-54)
Jean Emmett, Ray Ashford, Gordon Bingham
Chris Belk (51-6), John Shipton (50-7), Jim Howe (50-7), Jim Mould (57-64)
Nigel Taylor (1953 exit)
Frank Bland, Reg Hobson, David Williamson, John Henderson, Alan Coddington, Michael Lee (1953 exit)
AS Archaeology students Richard Scholey,
John Crowley and James Hughes-Lawson
pictured in the WWII air raid shelter under the close.
Headteacher Michael Lewis and
Arthur Jackson, former Deputy Head (58-81)
Eid celebrations, KES Darwin Lane, Jan 2006


These photos can be found and copies ordered via http://www.photostoday.co.uk/galleries.aspx; they are in the gallery Star Pictures 10/10/05 - 16/10/05.