KES - Centenary Photos

Saturday, 8th October 2005

Centenary Photos taken by the Star

These can be found and copies ordered via; the first 3 photos are in the gallery Star Pictures 3/10/05 - 09/10/05, and the rest in Star Pictures 10/10/05 - 16/10/05.

  1. 3 Photos of the Book Launch
  2. 16 Photos of the Centenary evening, 8th October 2005

Personal Centenary Photos

The school itself was the star of the show and looked marvellous throughout, as these photos (taken with customary diligence by Ann Smith, unless otherwise stated) will reveal.

  1. Photos by Steve Rowe (1991 exit)
  2. Library - Shelagh Marston, NJB display + various KES impedimenta c 1960 (caps etc)
  3. The preparation of nibbles in the kitchen
  4. More nibbles
  5. Hall - crowd scene (prominent are John Cornwell's daughter and Pat Waugh)
  6. Balcony - David Pollard (2nd left, front) + others
  7. Hall - crowd scene (starring Jack Hallows; standing at the back with blue shirt is Malcolm Pike)
  8. Hall - crowd scene (front - Alan Coddington (glasses, centre), Michael Lee leaning towards AC (53-exit); 2nd row - John Wragg, Roger Dunsford, Rob Williams, all 1960 entry)
  9. Hall - David Downes re-visiting life as a fag (60s terminology) + a prefect, Richard Taylor (DD responsible for the title "Tha'll never gerr in theer")
  10. Hall - crowd scene - 2nd row - Roderick Cumming, Gordon Cumming, Rodney Morant (centre, glasses, dark jacket), Janet Morant - Peter Quarrell (upper half of head) talking to Roland Smith (glasses) on right below window
  11. Balcony - crowd scene
  12. Vestibule - 2 happy revellers (? Wood + Chris Woolhouse - attempt at reading name labels)
  13. Vestibule - the Headteacher (Michael Lewis), the Mayor (Cllr. Roger Davison) and Lady Mayoress (Mrs Davison) of Sheffield
  14. Hall - the stage - John Cornwell, the Lady Mayoress, the Headteacher, the Mayor, John Phillips (OEA President)
  15. The stage again
  16. Hall - crowd scene - Mike Drake, standing, left, merest glimpse of Reg Hobson looking up at MD - names please - Bill Manville (beard + glasses, on right)
  17. The Mayor's speech
  18. Vestibule - Rob Townsend + Simon Spurr, OEA Committee
  19. Hall - the stage - readings from John Cornwell's book by Nick Jones and John Gallacher (Drama teacher)
  20. Hall - the stage - John Phillips, orator
  21. Rebecca Carpenter and Ann Smith (OEA Committee) unveiling the plaque
  22. John Phillips declames
  23. Vestibule - Petra Lewis prominent in crowd scene, Chris Belk behind Petra, Bob Needham to the right with nibble raised aloft
  24. The Library, Bob Needham 4th from left
  25. The Bar - Dining Hall - John Harthman + partner + various
  26. The Bar - Dining Hall - John Harthman + partner
  27. David Kirkman (OEA Committee), Gordon Cumming (KES 'boy' and Master), Frank Bland and (standing) Roderick Cumming
  28. David Anderson (KES 48-55, Master 68-95), Gordon Cumming, Frank Bland, David Kirkman
  29. Present students whose efforts contributed to a memorable evening
  30. Gordon Cumming and John Hazel (photo courtesy of Mrs Hazel)
  31. The Hall - Organ Loft (photo courtesy of Mrs Hazel)
  32. The Stage (photo courtesy of Mrs Hazel)
  33. The balcony: (from back) Bryan Morgan (50-6), Geoffrey Wheeler (40s), John Shipton (50-7), Jim Mould (57-64); Rod Nicolson (61-8), Peter Haywood (61-8), Chris Brown (59-66), Alan Spier (54-9); Paul Whyman, ?

OEA Lunch (Abbeydale Sports Club) on Sunday, 9th October 2005

  1. The assembled company
  2. David Pollard, John Phillips + pint
  3. Don Nicolson (OEA Sec), Michael Lewis (Headteacher), Edward Haslam
  4. A table of diners (Jack Hallows' table)
  5. Another table of diners - (Right) - Mrs Mousley, Alan Mousley, Geoff Garlick, Mrs Jackson(?), ?, ?, Eric Kalman, ?;
    (Left) - Jack Hallows, Bob Needham, David Keighley, Mrs Keighley, Bobby Jackson.............Tony Abdy.
  6. More Diners 6. At window end on right is Nigel Tilsley, Peg Wreghitt on his left, and that's Jack Hallows far right turning to talk with them.
  7. More Diners - Peter Beeley, John Cunningham (glasses, bearded)
  8. More Diners - Rob Williams (Foreground), Ian Williams (brother)
  9. More Diners - Michael Chadwick (glasses)
  10. More Diners - Dr F D A (formerly known as 'Shorty') and Mrs Burns (FDAB is next to the wall), Chris Belk ( blue-grey sweater, fore-ground).
  11. Keith Robinson (TKR), Mrs Robinson, Robert Avis, John Hemming, Clive Tiddy
  12. Gordon Cumming
  13. Ian Sarginson (front, left)
  14. Ian Sarginson's table
  15. Mike Purdy, Philip Hetherington
  16. Liz Miles (née Beeley), foreground, grand-daughter of Peter Beeley; Bobby Jackson, Margaret Keighley, David K, opposite Margaret K is Geoff Garlick.
  17. Diners as 16 plus Bob Needham and half of Jack Hallows.
  18. Diners - Philip Palmer - far left
  19. Eric Kalman, vintage OEA membership card on display (collectors' item)
  20. Michael Lewis, John Phillips + pint, David Pollard
  21. The assembled company
  22. The assembled company
  23. John Phillips in Hitler pose
  24. John Phillips; Alice Nicolson; John Scriven opposite
  25. John Phillips